Introducing LHR Hydro Mate

Taking a dip as the weather warms up is top priority for many South Africans. But while you are enjoying a splash, your hair might not be.

We all know that chlorine is necessary to keep a pool clean and sparkly, just the way we like it. Unfortunately for your hair, this means stripping it of its natural oils leaving it dry, rough and damaged.

The effects of chlorine are bad enough but it doesn't stop there. The pH of pool water is kept at a range of 7.2 to 7.8, which is too basic for the proteins in your hair. This causes damage to the bonds between hair proteins and the proteins themselves. You may ask why should I care about protein in my hair? My hair's not doing any lifting! That's because our hair is made up of keratin. Keratin is a form of a structural protein composed of amino acids.

The bonds between these proteins are important for hair elasticity (it's what keeps your hair from being as stiff as nails-also a keratin). A change in pH can cause damage to your hair proteins when it's already been stripped by the chlorine. 

By the end of pool season this might leave your hair crying for some much needed TLC....Enter LHR HydroMate!

Protecting your hair before the damage begins will save you from costly and time consuming damage control. And your hair will be glad to leave the pool in the same condition as it entered it.

Use LHR HydroMate on your hair before you enter the pool, to ensure your hair is protected before the damage hits.

Below is a guide on how to best protect your hair before diving in -