LHR Weekly Wash Day Guide

LHR’s products are inspired by nature and complemented by science. Our products contain 80%+ natural or naturally-sourced ingredients. They are free from artificial fragrances, drying alcohols, ‘bad’ sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.

This makes LHR products suitable and safe for ALL hair types. From pin straight to wavy, curly, kinky and coily, LHR has your head covered.

Hair products and the many options available may initially seem a bit intimidating and sometimes even confusing. We’ve created a simple step by step guide for your weekly hair wash and pamper session. We suggest that this guide be followed once a week but if your hair asks for it (after a few too many harsh chemicals, hairdryers or styling tools) you can definitely increase it to twice or even thrice a week.

For hair that is particularly dry damaged and tangled, we’d suggest adding on the LHR Hair and Scalp Balm at Step 1 (The Pre Poo). The added conditioning and emulsifying agent in the LHR Hair and Scalp Balm will help to detangle and boost the moisture content of your hair.

Following this guide will leave your hair healthier, softer, stronger and moisturised. Try it for yourself and let us know.